When projects get rolling and eventually when the team is in crunch time, there is a strong need to keep the PM/BAs/Developers all on the same page. To that end, here is what we do:

  • Morning and Evening Check-Ins:
  • Review the open issues/bugs/next steps
  • Schedule the day of bug fixing, testing and any other analysis work needed
  • Detailed Status Emails (after each check-in):
  • Yesterday Review: [DATE]
  • [MODULE Name 1]
  • [Bugs/Fixes/Updates listed out]
  • [MODULE Name 2]
  • [Bugs/Fixes/Updates listed out]
  • Todays’ Most Important Tasks: [DATE]
  • [MODULE Name 1]
  • [Bugs/Fixes/Updates listed out]
  • [MODULE Name 2]
  • [Bugs/Fixes/Updates listed out]
  • This Week
  • Monday, MM/DD:
  • [Likely…

One of the challenges we face are the need to innovate and transform our institutions to be more dynamic and regenerative. Whether it be the WHO, World Bank, UN, or a government agency, etc. — these institutions were made for a world that was far more stable; they were designed in a world where rapid pace of technological was not a part of the discussion.

This podcast discusses the concepts of the commons of the future, the idea of welfare state in the future, and ideas around new industrialist. Hilary Cottam and Azheem Azhar have an intense and dynamic conversation.

The concept of data portability is all too often simplified to the question “Can we have our data in a machine readable format?”

At best, this ensures the data can be loaded to a new system and at worst the data can be added to a data warehouse.

Palantir, Peter Thiels company, provides a lens into the importance of “thinking from the end” with systems — — i.e. what happens what the system potentially reaches obsolescence or you simply want to leave it for whatever reason.

Can you get the data out?

And, can you output the analysis in machine…

Again and again and again, I am reminded that our small actions have such strong ripples unforeseen ways — both good and not good. I believe whenever we can take a micro-action, then we must.

For me, this means only going to JustSalad because they offer reusable containers that I can use each day, or trying to never buy anything with plastic, or picking up plastic on the street.

At a macro level, if we are in a leadership position, then we also have an opportunity to shine light, improve products or bring a systemic view to what we are creating and doing in the works.

Get your questions answered:

It you have a list of questions that you need answered, print them before the meeting and tick them off as they are answered.

Help keep the meeting focused.

If a meeting goes off topic, then say “I appreciate this topic; however…

  • ….I don’t think we can resolve it in the meeting and let’s mark this as an action item or take this offline.
  • …I suggest we add this to the control log for future discussion.

Listen for the unsaid

The number one thing to look out for are the unsaid thoughts or feelings.

  • For example, did someone seem confused during the meeting, then reiterate what you heard and…

My To Do Process

Intake Process:

Meetings: During meetings, I take digital notes and then add to dos to my desktop to do app

Batch Processing Emails:

  • When I am batch processing emails: If an email takes more than 3 minutes to respond, I forward to my to do app.
  • If possible, I delegate.
  • If a question is asked that is not urgent and I think requestor can solve with a little more thought or the individuals can resolve on the list, I defer for later that day — usually folks will figure things out.
  • If an email requires a follow-up, I…

Day 1: Arriving

I worked the whole day and was finishing deliverables on the train. When we arrived at Blue Cliff, I felt a sense of relief and a bit of discomfort. I think my mind and body needed adjusting to the tempo. My spirit felt relieved. Lila immediately began charming the team registering guests.

After we unpacked and prepared the room, we went for dinner. There was something unsettling in my mind and body that had been so hurried to arrive at Blue Cliff. I tried to slow down my eating, while calmly keeping an eye on Lila to help feed her…

Dear Vox,

I read “House Democrats’ internal feud over prescription drug prices, explained” (https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/6/17/18650959/nancy-pelosi-prescription-drug-prices-lloyd-doggett) and am grateful for your work on elevating the issue.

However, the following caused me concern:

Pharmaceutical companies counter that drug prices reflect the high costs of research and development that go into producing groundbreaking medicines. And, historically, Republicans have argued that the government shouldn’t get more involved in determining prices anyway.

My issue with this line is that I am noticing the logic being actively perpetuated in all forms of media; however, the facts/figures and nuances are not actively presented. For example, my mother (highlighted…

A man was walking through the subway. He must have been in his seventies. The bones on his neck were so curved he could only look down. He was emaciated. He was elderly.

He asked for money, and there was that moment where I wondered: Do I have a dollar I can give him? Or, do I have bigger bills only? I didn’t want him to see me look through my wallet.

As he passed, I pulled out my wallet to see. I had some 20s and 10s. In the next moment, he turned to look at me. I found…

Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome (LEMS) is a disorder of the neuromuscular junction-the site where nerve cells meet muscle cells and help activate the muscles. It is caused by a disruption of electrical impulses between these nerve and muscle cells. (Source: NIH)

The disease can render the individual disabled — whether it be getting up, sitting down, lifting arms, and nearly all basic bodily functions are impacted.

The original drug Amifampridine (3,4-diaminopyridine, or 3,4-DAP) was originally invented in Scotland, and the New Jersey-based Jacobus Pharmaceutical Co has been distributing the drug for free through the FDA’s compassionate drug use. …

Krishan Patel

Doing the work inside and out.

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